Our Team

Our firm’s expertise is grounded in the extraordinary bench strength of our team of lawyers and staff.

Our lawyers

At Hopping Green & Sams, we believe that our lawyers offer unique competence and experience in our areas of practice. Our track record and the recognition our lawyers receive demonstrates our expertise and our bench strength, including our many highly credentialed younger attorneys who are dedicated to continuing our founding partners’ legacy of leadership in the field and outstanding client service.

Winston K. Borkowski
Richard S. Brightman
Joseph A. Brown
Katie S. Buchanan
David W. Childs
Miguel Collazo, III
Kristen C. Diot
Jere L. Earlywine
Michael C. Eckert
Carl Eldred
Lauren M. Gentry
Vinette D. Godelia
William H. Green
Wesley S. Haber
Gary K. Hunter
Gary K. Hunter, Jr.
Portrait of Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan T. Johnson
Portrait of Jennifer Kilinski
Jennifer L. Kilinski
Felicia L. Kitzmiller
Brooke E. Lewis
Tucker F. Mackie
Robert A. Manning
Jason E. Merritt
Amanda L. Nichols
Eric T. Olsen
Michael P. Petrovich
David L. Powell
Carolyn S. Raepple
Michelle K. Rigoni
Timothy M. Riley
Douglas S. Roberts
D. Kent Safriet
Sarah R. Sandy
Amelia A. Savage
Deborah Sier
Douglas M. Smith
Portrait photo of Susan Stephans
Susan L. Stephens
Cheryl G. Stuart
Eileen H. Stuart
Erin J. Tilton
Roy Van Wyk
Robert C. Volpe
Sarah Warren
Sarah S. Warren
Portrait of Lindsay Whelan
Lindsay C. Whelan
portrait of Alyssa Willson
Alyssa C. Willson
Other professionals
Jennifer Gillis
Amy D. Hembree
Katherine E. Ibarra
Karen F. Jusevitch
David G. Wilbourn