Issuer's Counsel Practice Area

A team of lawyers dedicated to every phase of the debt issuance process.

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Our lawyers have extensive experience representing special districts in the issuance of taxable and tax-exempt debt instruments.

This experience, and our bench strength, is reflected by our lawyers’ combined validation of several billion dollars in bonds, issuance of hundreds of millions of dollars in debt instruments, and representation of hundreds of different issuers, including community development districts, stewardship districts, and improvement districts. 

Areas of Service

From senior partners to legal assistants, Hopping Green & Sams has a team that focuses on serving clients in every phase of a client’s issuance of taxable or tax-exempt debt instruments. 

At a project’s inception, we excel in helping clients evaluate whether to undertake specific projects and in crafting financing packages tailor-made for client needs.  Once a client decides to proceed with a debt issuance, we pride ourselves on nimbly and efficiently completing validation and have successfully done so in circuit courts all around the state.  Our lawyers also bring tremendous experience to bear in drafting, negotiating, and structuring the documents needed to correctly and successfully close transactions.  Finally, after closing, we are adept at navigating post-issuance processes and issues, including project acquisition or construction, compliance, and other matters. 

And at Hopping Green & Sams our team is just that – a team.  If there is a problem in a transaction, one of our lawyers has likely handled it before.  And when novel issues arise, we pride ourselves on having the collective resources and experience to craft solutions from scratch.  Whether a transaction is routine or complex, we have a deep talent pool from which we can assemble the best team to most efficiently and effectively tackle any project from start to finish.