Public Procurement & Bid Protests

Working with an experienced lawyer in public procurements and bid protests is important. Careful review and understanding of procurement documents at an early stage can mean the difference between a winning bid and disqualification for non-responsiveness. Timeliness is critical because the Florida Legislature has established an expedited process which must be followed precisely in state agency bid protests. Often, quick action must be taken to preserve the right to challenge an agency’s decision. Initial deadlines are measured in hours, and failure to meet any deadline in the process may result in the contractor losing all rights of challenge.

Hopping Green & Sams has experience representing clients in the competitive bidding process at the state and local government level, including competitive procurements, such as invitations to bid, invitations to negotiate, requests for proposals, and requests for qualifications. This representation includes:

  • Reviewing bid specifications for contractors to determine whether a challenge should be filed contesting the fairness of the competitive process and criteria established by an agency;
  • Reviewing procurement responses before submittal to ensure responsiveness;
  • Representing contractors in challenging or defending an agency’s contract award; and
  • Advising local government units on bid specifications and the bidding process as well as assisting in defending challenges to bid awards.

Our firm has handled bid protests involving a wide variety of subjects, including road, bridge and building construction, telecommunications, computer system purchases, juvenile detention programs, food management services, lottery ticket publishing, legal services, and agency leasing.  Our objective is to use our experience to quickly assess a contractor’s situation and provide advice on the appropriate course of action given the unique facts of a particular case.