State-owned Lands

A lease, easement, or other form of proprietary consent is required for all private uses of state-owned lands, including state-owned uplands (such as state parks and forests) and lands submerged beneath navigable waters. These requirements can dramatically alter the design and the economics of many types of private enterprises, ranging from ports to marinas to residential developments which include docking facilities or bridges, to the installation of utilities and pipelines for the transportation of electricity, telecommunications or energy.

Also, Florida takes an expansive view of state ownership of lakes, streams, creeks and other water bodies.  Consequently, professional assistance is frequently needed to assess the break point between private property and public lands.

Hopping Green & Sams has decades of experience determining when and what type of proprietary approvals may be required for particular activities, and in negotiating and securing these approvals for private property owners, developers, utilities, and governmental entities.  This experience includes appearances before the Governor and Cabinet and the Acquisition and Restoration Council to secure approvals.  Over the years, our firm’s experience in this area has resulted in the issuance of a variety of proprietary authorizations.