Property & Groundwater Contamination

Since its inception, Hopping Green & Sams has practiced in administrative, legislative, and judicial issues pertaining to groundwater regulation and real property contamination.  We have represented clients in securing appropriate, cost-effective, and responsible cleanup of contaminated sites, and have developed solutions to enable our clients to utilize, buy, or sell property impacted by contamination.

Whether you have recently discovered contamination on your property, manage a contaminated property, or operate a manufacturing or other industrial facility, our lawyers have experience navigating applicable state and federal regulatory requirements.  We have negotiated numerous consent orders with federal and state regulators addressing the assessment and remediation of properties with contamination to both groundwater and soil, and where appropriate, we have litigated against state and federal agencies, and third parties on behalf of our clients.

Situated within the state capital, Hopping Green & Sams is involved in property and groundwater policy developments before the Florida Legislature and state regulatory agencies.  In that regard, our goal is to assist clients in finding effective legislative and regulatory solutions to complex problems.