Ocean and Coastal

With over 1,200 miles of coast line, Florida has created a special program regulating the siting and construction of coastal structures.  This program seeks to protect beaches from man-induced erosion, and to maximize the survival of structures during storms. All development seaward of a regulatory coastal construction control line must undergo this separate coastal review, which is in addition to all of the other environmental permits required by local, state, and federal governments. This is true whether the development is a Tiki hut on the beach, some type of infrastructure, a seawall, a beach house or cottage, a high rise condominium, or the restoration of an eroded beach.

Hopping Green & Sams has decades of experience in determining when and what type of coastal permitting is required for particular activities, and in negotiating and securing these approvals for private property owners, developers, utilities and governmental entities.  We also have experience opposing such developments when they are imprudently designed or sited, and in protecting private property rights from government intrusion and confiscation during beach restoration.  Over the years, our firm’s experience in this area has resulted in the issuance of coastal regulatory and proprietary authorizations.