Air Quality

Since the Clean Air Act’s inception, air quality regulation has been a complicated and ever-evolving field. Hopping Green & Sams has experience navigating this complex practice. Our attorneys represent clients in the major facets of air quality regulation – from legislative advocacy, to agency rulemaking, to construction and operation permitting, through compliance and enforcement.

Our lawyers work on air quality issues representing a variety of clients, including:

  • Electric generating companies
  • Oil and natural gas companies
  • Renewable energy and biofuel companies
  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Pulp and paper companies
  • Landfill and waste management companies
  • Cement manufacturers
  • Phosphate mining and fertilizer companies
  • Steel manufacturers
  • Boat manufacturers

Our experience includes:

  • Representing clients in connection with state and federal legislative and rulemaking developments. Our attorneys monitor regulatory developments on behalf of clients, represent client interests in the legislature and in agency rulemakings, and represent clients in rulemaking challenges. Examples include representing clients in connection with federal greenhouse gas regulatory developments, state implementation of Regional Haze requirements, and the appeal of the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.
  • Representing clients in obtaining construction and operation permits with the goal of ensuring necessary permits are no more burdensome than required. This includes pre-application review and counseling, negotiations with agency officials, and, if required, representation in formal administrative proceedings, typically before the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings.
  • Counseling clients on compliance-related issues and defending clients in local, state, and federal enforcement actions and in Section 114 information requests.