Oil & Gas

Surveying, exploring for, producing, storing, and transporting oil and gas in the sensitive Florida ecosystem is a huge challenge. Despite the obvious difficulties, Florida is the seventeenth largest oil producing state in the nation, and virtually all of it is produced from on-shore facilities.

Mineral owners and oil and gas producers desiring to explore for or produce oil and gas in Florida face a daunting maze of specialized regulatory requirements over and above already complicated state and federal environmental regulatory programs.  From mineral leases to seismic permits to well drilling permits, Hopping Green & Sams strives to guide clients through this maze effectively and efficiently. We also have experience in assisting clients needing to prevent or minimize effects on adjacent properties.

And our experience doesn’t end when the oil and gas is recovered from the ground.  We also have experience in the regulations applicable to the storage and transportation of the produced hydrocarbons in both liquid and gaseous form.  This includes the regulation of above-ground and underground storage tanks, and the siting and licensing of pipelines, and subterranean gas storage facilities.

There is always the risk of an accidental release when producing, storing or transporting hydrocarbons.  When such accidents happen, we rely on our experience to counsel our clients about spill response, media management, regulatory reporting, and enforcement and damages proceedings.