Biofuel & Renewable Energy

Concerns about global climate change and American energy independence continue to drive the emergence of energy technologies in a developing renewable energy market.  Hopping Green & Sams strives to keep clients engaged in the state and federal regulatory process as it evolves to address the environmental and economic challenges of a growing demand for domestic biofuels, biopower and other renewables, such as solar and wind energy.

We have represented clients in numerous sectors of the biofuel and renewable energy market, including agricultural interests, landfill operators, ethanol and biodiesel producers, and electrical and steam generating facilities.  With this perspective, and a commitment to tracking the latest developments in the field, Hopping Green & Sams is experienced in assisting renewable energy clients in structuring project plans to meet both applicable regulatory standards and client goals. We regularly work with regulatory stakeholders, including FDEP, FDACS, EPA, and USDA, as well as participate in biofuel and renewable energy associations.

Environmental, land use, and financial factors often intersect when developing and launching renewable energy endeavors. Whether advocating policy, seeking permits and other approvals, ensuring regulatory compliance, or evaluating available tax credits and incentives, our goal is to provide renewable energy clients with a depth of experience with the policies and practices applicable to renewable projects, including:

  • Land Use Approvals Renewable Fuel Standard II
  • Air Quality Regulation Power Purchase Agreements
  • Waste Management FERC Regulation and Oversight
  • Water Use Regulation Agricultural Planting Permits
  • Power Plant Permitting
  • Climate Change Regulation