Business & Professional Licensing

Hopping Green & Sams offers a variety of services to businesses and professionals who must be licensed by either an executive branch agency or a professional board in order to do business in Florida.

While most applications for initial licenses can be completed online, it is not unusual with more complex applications that applicants want to know how to respond to various questions in order to avoid the costly delays that come with application deficiencies.  Our team is experienced in describing applicants’ qualifications in a manner befitting their skill and background that also makes for easy application processing and timely issuance of licenses.

For businesses and professionals already licensed, we assist them in keeping up with the changes in laws and rules that govern their work.   We provide legislative updates, status reports on administrative rulemaking, modifications, and repeals, and monitor continuing education requirements for licensees.

For vendor organizations and individuals serving the licensed community, whether as a continuing education provider or a one-time provider of continuing education units (“CEU”) through a trade association conference or a professional panel discussion, we facilitate CEU vendor and course approval.

And in cases where a license may be required and an individual or business is practicing their trade without a license, we defend clients against charges of unlicensed activity with the goal of allowing them to either continue to operate without a license or to timely obtain a license where appropriate in order to achieve regulatory compliance.