Business Expansion & Relocation

The expansion or relocation of a business can present many challenges and opportunities for those in the private sector and in government. Economic and regulatory issues arise when a private company expands its existing Florida facility and when a local government crafts an economic development policy or recruits prospective business. Hopping Green & Sams represents private companies as well as governmental entities in this area.

Understanding the financial implications of a business expansion or relocation comes first. Our lawyers have experience analyzing the costs and benefits of doing business in Florida and can use our understanding of the tax consequences of such a move and of the financial assistance available from state and local governments through tax incentives. We have assisted Fortune 100 and 500 companies in securing millions in long-term tax incentives for a Florida operation.

Business expansion or relocation may also trigger regulatory laws that protect natural resources and wildlife. We have experience assisting an expansion or relocation team, in understanding the environmental and land use issues associated with a project, and in negotiating real estate transactions that involve contaminated sites and potential liability.

We have experience in the economic development field, and took part in designing and winning legislative approval for Florida’s new 60-day expedited permitting law. We have also worked with local governments and private companies to utilize fast-track permitting tools on a local basis.