Karen is a paralegal in the Community Development District and Special District Practice Group and assists lawyers in a wide array of matters related to special districts including public procurement, public records, contracts, bond issues, real property and litigation. Karen began her career while still in college by working in the Florida Attorney General’s Office. Karen joined HGS in 2006, after previously working for the State government, a non-profit legal defense firm, and private law firm

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  • Currently works on bond issuance, contracting, public procurement, research, client development and public records
  • While at the AG’s office and SCLDF, worked on land use rights, historical research and served as the office manager
  • Worked on Federal Communications Commission and Florida Public Service Commission regulatory issues, litigation support and telecommunications issues
  • Provided trial and appellate assistance on a variety complex civil matters and election issues, including an accelerated proceeding during the 2004 presidential election from circuit court through the Florida Supreme Court