Hopping Green & Sams is a place where open minds, creativity, and fresh ideas enable the professional development of our entire team, which is our most important asset.

Through the individual and collective development of our team’s talents, our goal every year is to grow and expand its expertise.

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Attorneys are recruited from law schools throughout the country and as lateral candidates. We look for individuals with a demonstrated commitment to excellence who have the motivation, leadership, and ability to work effectively with others to achieve success in our firm and the profession.

We believe three things distinguish Hopping Green & Sams: the quality of our practice, the culture of our firm, and the unique quality of life in Tallahassee, Florida.

We are proud of the quality and caliber of the work we perform for our clients on important and cutting edge issues. Our work takes us across the state and around the country, from the Florida Capitol to the U.S. Capitol, from state and federal trial courts to the United States Supreme Court, from the halls of city and county administration to the headquarters of state and federal agencies. Our location in the heart of Florida’s capital also uniquely situates Hopping Green & Sams at the nexus of the formulation, administration, and interpretation of the law in the state of Florida. As a result, our lawyers are intimately familiar with the Florida Capitol, state executive branch agencies, and Florida Supreme Court.

We also proud of our firm culture, which places an emphasis on excellence and collegiality. The most visible and valued marker of the firm’s collegiality is its sabbatical program, which has been a valued tradition since 1986. On a seniority basis, the firm provides a six-month paid sabbatical to each shareholder to pursue activities of the attorney’s choice. The firm’s sabbatical program was pioneered by the founders of the law firm to enable shareholders to continually expand their knowledge and experience, to gain expertise in other disciplines, to travel and enjoy new cultural experiences, to share time with their families, and ultimately to give attorneys the opportunity to “recharge.”

Last, our location provides a unique quality of life. While offering some of the benefits of life in a smaller city, Tallahassee also has the outsized opportunities and benefits that come with being a capital city and a college town that is home to Florida State University (one of the state’s preeminent universities), Florida A&M University (one of the nation’s most celebrated Historically Black Colleges and Universities), and Tallahassee Community College (one of the nation’s best community colleges). Tallahassee also offers access to other unique recreational opportunities including the City’s widely awarded parks and trail systems, and its proximity to state and national forests and wildlife preserves, the Gulf of Mexico, the renowned Wakulla Springs, and the preserved historic landscapes of the Red Hills Region of northern Florida and southern Georgia.

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