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HGS Recognized by Congress for Adoption Advocacy

Posted Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

At the nomination of the Children’s Home Society and Senator Bill Nelson, the Congressional Coalition on Adoption has selected Hopping Green & Sams (HGS) for an Angels in Adoption Award.  The award will be given at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.  A senator may nominate only one person or entity each year for the honor.

This recognition is emblematic of HGS’s commitment to public service  as one of its core values.  HGS has been assisting in the adoption of children into loving families through the Children’s Home Society for more than 20 years.  Currently, attorneys Victoria Weber, Virginia Dailey, Vinette Godelia, Amelia Savage, and Tucker Mackie  provide many hours of their professional time pro bono to the Children’s Home Society, North Central Division Adoptions Program.  These attorneys provide legal counsel and guidance to the staff, prepare legal documents, and represent the Children’s Home Society in court.

The Children’s Home Society of Florida North Central Division Adoptions Program provides adoption services for families seeking international and private adoptions.  Learn more about the Children’s Home Society or get involved here.

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