HGS Attorney Gary Perko to be Published in History Journal

Posted Monday, January 22nd, 2018 by Gary V. Perko

Taking advantage of the HGS sabbatical program, attorney Gary Perko spent the summer of 2016 researching the history of public and private landownership of North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell – the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.  Gary became interested in the subject when he learned that his wife’s family once owned 13,000 acres on the side of Mount Mitchell, only to lose it in Civil War-era litigation.  As he dug deeper, Gary came to realize that, for over two centuries, North Carolina’s courts and legislature were repeatedly called upon to resolve disputes over who owned − or should own − the slopes of Mount Mitchell.  In an article to be published in the January 2018 edition of the North Carolina Historical Review, Gary describes the rich history of these mountain lands and their owners,  who included an eclectic cast of land speculators,  mountain folk, wealthy sportsmen and socialites, carpetbagging lumbermen and, of course, lawyers and politicians.

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