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HGS at 2012 Florida Chamber Environmental Permitting Summer School in Marco Island

Posted Tuesday, July 24th, 2012

Thanks to everyone who joined us at the 2012 Florida Chamber Environmental Permitting Summer School in Marco Island!  As always, there were a number of HGS attorneys in attendance at the conference.  The following is a list of HGS attorneys who spoke at the conference, along with the titles of their presentations:

Winston Borkowski
Florida NPDES Update

Joseph Brown
Florida’s Renewable Energy Projects: Update on Financing, Environmental Licensing, and Construction

David Childs
Understanding Numeric Nutrient Criteria: Legal, Technical, Policy, and Implementation Issues.
NNC “Unfinished Business”

Mike Collazo
Shifting the Burden

Ralph DeMeo
Regulation, Clean-up, and Reuse of Contaminated Properties

Carl Eldred
Federal Regulatory Implications for New Alternative Fuel and Waste to Energy Projects
Regulation, Clean-Up, and Reuse of Contaminated Properties

Mohammad Jazil
NNC “Unfinished Business”

Robert Manning
Air Quality Hot Topics

Angela Morrison
Carbon Management and Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emission

Eric Olsen
WMD Planning, Regulatory, and Policy Update

Kent Safriet
Property Rights Takes Centerstage
Strict Limits on Local Government Regulation of Boating? 

Amelia Savage
DEP “Cutting Edge” Rulemaking issues
Emerging Issues in Environmental Resource Permitting

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