Group 3 Species Action Plans Available for Comment

Posted Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) has made available for review and comment Species Action Plans on 16 species of the 61 species to be included in a comprehensive imperiled species management plan. This is the third group of Species Action Plans.  The next step in the comprehensive management plan process will be the creation of conservation strategies for all 61 species. 

Species Action Plans for Group 3 include:
– Saltwater Fish
o Key silverside
o Saltmarsh top minnow
o Atlantic sturgeon
o Mangrove rivulus
– Amphibians
o Florida bog frog
o Georgia blind salamander
o Gopher frog
– Reptiles
o Florida pine snake
o Short-tailed snake
– Birds
o Florida sandhill crane
o Burrowing owl
o Brown Pelican
–   Mammals
o Big Cypress fox squirrel
o Sherman’s fox squirrel
o Florida mouse
o Sherman’s short-tailed shrew

The draft Species Action Plans are available here and comments are requested by June 7, 2013.

For additional information contact Amelia Savage.

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