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Governor and Cabinet Approve FPL Turkey Point Units 6 & 7 Project

Posted Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

On May 13, 2014, the Governor and Cabinet, sitting as the Siting Board, approved the Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) Turkey Point Units 6 & 7 Project (Project). FPL proposed two new nuclear generating units and associated facilities at its existing Turkey Point plant, including over 88 miles of transmission line corridors. FPL’s total in-service cost estimate for the Project is in the range of $12-18 billion. Hopping Green & Sams (HGS) served as outside counsel on the Project, lead by Peter Cunningham, Carolyn Raepple, Doug Roberts, Virginia Dailey, Brooke Lewis, and Jon Harris Maurer.

The Siting Board’s approval followed a rigorous, comprehensive, and open review process under the Florida Electrical Power Plant Siting Act. FPL filed its application for certification of the Project in 2009. FPL met with stakeholders and responded to multiple requests for additional information on the Project. In the summer and fall of 2013, an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) conducted an eight-week hearing to carefully analyze and evaluate the proposed Project. The ALJ recommended approval of FPL’s proposed Project, which incorporates public input and balances community, environmental, engineering, and aesthetic concerns.

FPL and HGS worked extensively with state and regional regulatory agencies, local governments, and environmental interests to negotiate stipulations and conditions of certification for the Project. Parties to the proceeding resolved virtually all issues concerning the power plant and other non-transmission facilities in advance of the Siting Board hearing. FPL also achieved significant consensus on the proposed eastern and western transmission line corridors.  The Siting Board unanimously voted to approve the Project.

For additional information contact Virginia Dailey or Brooke Lewis.

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