Florida Legislature Eliminates DRI Program Going Forward

Posted Monday, April 27th, 2015
View of Florida's Old Capital building

On Friday, April 24, 2015, the Florida legislature enacted CS/CS/SB 1216—Growth Management by Senator Simpson. Among its many topics, the bill marks the end of Florida’s landmark development of regional impact (DRI) program. Upon the bill becoming law, DRI review will no longer be required. Instead, projects which would have previously triggered DRI review (in those jurisdictions which are not designated as “dense urban land areas”) are required to process plan amendments through the state coordinated review process. Existing DRI development orders are not impacted by this legislation and the process for amending or terminating these DRI orders remains.

Other topics in the legislation include clarifications to the planning standards governing the adoption of long term master plans under the sector planning program and the addition of a requirement that sector plan detailed specific area plan orders be provided to the state resource agencies for review for consistency with the long term master plan. The bill also reorganizes the regional planning councils (RPCs) within Florida, reducing the number from 11 to 10 by eliminating the Withlacoochee RPC and merging that RPC into three surrounding RPCs. A Pasco County pilot project is created for the adoption of amendments forming a “connected city corridor” plan. Finally, the bill eliminates the requirement to update water supply plans for local governments who receive potable water from and are below 1% of the total permitted allocation from another public water supply authority.

This legislation takes effect upon becoming law.

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