Bill Green Address at the Florida Stormwater Association 2012 Winter Conference

Posted Thursday, December 13th, 2012

On December 6th, 2012, Bill Green was invited to give the luncheon address at the Florida Stormwater Association’s 2012 Winter Conference in Tampa. The title of his presentation was “Cracking the Cosmic Code Carried by the Oldest Light in the Universe.” Bill explored how the Cosmic Microwave Background encodes the physics of the Big Bang and has led to the Golden Age of Cosmology.  He discussed how from this primordial radiation we have learned the age, composition, and total energy of the Universe, detected the effects of Dark Energy and Dark Matter, and confirmed how the primordial elements were formed—the building blocks of all of us and all thing known to us. Bill, who holds a PhD from The University of South Carolina in physical chemistry, is currently a Research Professor in the Physics Department at Florida State University where he is working on the physics of the early Universe.

For more information contact Bill Green.

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