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Approval Recommended for TECO Polk Power Station Project

Posted Thursday, August 29th, 2013

On August 23, 2013, Administrative Law Judge Bram Canter recommended approval of the Tampa Electrical Company’s (TECO) application for certification of a power plant conversion project and associated transmission line corridors under Florida’s Power Plant Siting Act.  The project for TECO’s Polk Power Station involves conversion of four existing simple cycle combustion generators to combined cycle operation, which will increase generating capacity from the existing 1150 megawatts to 1420 megawatts.  The project also involves a new reclaimed water pipeline and reduces the Polk Power Station site boundaries by 1511 acres to reflect designation of those acres as a wildlife management area and recreation area.

The certification proceeding involved no disputed issues of fact or law.  The Governor and Cabinet, sitting as the Siting Board, have final review of the application.  If approved by the Siting Board, TECO anticipates construction of the project to begin in January 2014, with commercial operation in January 2017.  Hopping Green & Sams continues to closely monitor Siting Board review of this and similar energy facility siting and licensing projects around Florida.

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