Hopping Green & Sams aims to be a law firm with a fresh and entrepreneurial spirit – a place where open minds, creativity and fresh ideas enable the professional development of our entire team.  With more than 50 lawyers based in the firm’s office in Tallahassee, our employees are our most important asset.  Through their individual talents, HGS seeks to be one of the leading Florida firms for administrative, land use, and environmental law.

Work with Us

We recruit our attorneys from law schools throughout the country and as lateral candidates. We look for individuals with a demonstrated commitment to excellence who have the motivation, leadership, and ability to work effectively with others to achieve success in our firm and the profession.

We believe three things distinguish HGS: the quality of our practice, the culture of our firm, and the exceptional quality of life in Tallahassee, Florida.

Located in Tallahassee, Florida, HGS is based in Florida’s capital, and consequently, at the point where the formulation, administration, and interpretation of the law converge. The community is unique, not only for the professional practice of law, but also for its abundant historical and cultural offerings that support a positive work-life balance. For more about Tallahassee, the following websites offer helpful information on local lifestyles, events and attractions:

A highly valued tradition since 1986, the firm’s sabbatical program is one hallmark of the firm that makes HGS a special place to practice law. On a seniority basis, the firm provides a six-month paid sabbatical to each shareholder to pursue activities of the attorney’s choice. The firm’s sabbatical program was pioneered by the founders of the law firm to enable shareholders to continually expand their knowledge and experience, to gain expertise in other disciplines, to travel and enjoy new cultural experiences, to share time with their families, and ultimately to give attorneys the opportunity to “recharge.” Other employment benefits and opportunities available at HGS are outlined on the pages linked above.

For more information on joining our team at Hopping Green & Sams, or to submit a resume, contact:

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